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July 2017

  • Lançamento

    The surreal Miró

    Today the #tbt – Throwback Thursday – is to remember Maria Dolores visit to the Miró Foundation in Barcelona.


    Joan Miró was a spanish painter, sculptor, engraver and ceramist. The creator of shapes, colorful, imaginary figures, began his career painting expressionist paintings with cubist influences.

    When in Paris in 1921, he met Picasso and Tristan Tzaia, and his painting evolved towards a greater definition of form, eliminating the strong contrast of light.

    Some years later, in 1924, Miró’s painting was influenced by the Paris surrealist movement: from that time on, the screen “The Harlequin Carnival” (1924-25).


    In the 1930s, Joan’s artistic horizons widened and the surreal Miró became world famous. Miró was one of the most radical surrealist artists – the founder of surrealism, André Breton, said he was “the most surreal of us all.” Impossible to disagree!


  • Lançamento

    Gucci Sci-fi

    The controversial Gucci campaign is on the air! Retrofuturist and inspired by “Star Trek”, the fall / winter 2018 appears full of aliens, dinosaurs and spaceships in a vintage mood and with a very rough thing. To infinity and beyond!

    Will it be successful? Well, if you count by the fuss of the campaign launch, you can say yes. Check it out:

    gu532_fw17-campaign_sp-crops_square_27 gu532_fw17-campaign_dps-crops_2


  • Lançamento

    Scarves in the bag

    One super easy styling trick and look updater is the mooring of scarves in purses. Simple, fast and with a nice effect, the trick is a great alternative to update that bag that is stopped in the closet. It is worth plain scarf, printed, short, long, silk or any other fabric. Get inspired and get to work!

    Captura de Tela 2017-07-19 às 10.23.36

    Captura de Tela 2017-07-19 às 10.29.56


    In the bags with more rigid handles it is worth to tie the scarf in the whole handle. It’s too charming! A very easy way to do this is by starting with a knot on one side of the handle and wrapping the scarf to the other side, then just end with a knot.

    Truque-Styling Captura de Tela 2017-07-19 às 10.10.09 Captura de Tela 2017-07-19 às 10.11.36

  • Lançamento

    Buy 2 Take 3

    The sale of the most beloved Maria Dolores rings has been extended and goes until July 31.
    When buying 2 rings, you win the 3rd!
    Valid for Maria Dolores stores and also for the online store, for models participating in the sale.

    MD-aliancinhas aneis-Maria-Dolores


  • Lançamento

    Black Rhodium

    Classics and new launches in black rhodium.
    The Essential collection necklaces are inspired by one of our most beloved rings, the Princess.
    Launched more than 7 years ago, this model is timeless and each Maria Dolores collection it appears in new stones and stonecutting.