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Tropical Samba – Maria Dolores + PatBO

The designer Maria Dolores is renowned for the geometric lines and the unique shapes of
her jewelry. For her latest “Tropical Samba” collection, she got inspired by a very tropical mood.
Brazil’s tropic vibes and warm people are represented in pieces that come in organic
shapes of metal, stones and wood.

The Brazilian stones are natural and noble, and their colorful palette highlights all the country’s beauty and joy.

The designers Maria Dolores and PatBo celebrate a third fashion collaboration on 30
pieces of jewelry.
Maria Dolores and PatBO, Patricia Bonaldi’s clothing brand,
present their latest fashion collab “Tropical Samba”, which is their third collaboration so far,
and had Brazil as the reference point for their jewelry creation process.
Maria Dolores got inspired by Brazil’s tropic vibes and warm people, and created
accessories in organic shapes of metal, stones and wood. The stones, whose palette
represents all our country’s beauty and joy, are natural and colorful.
Renowned for her geometric lines and unique shapes, Maria Dolores combined the
strength of her design with the delicacy of PatBo’s ruffled pieces, in order to create 30
accesories among cuffs, earrings, necklaces and rings.
The latest collab “Tropical Samba”-Maria Dolores for PatBo will be available in all stores,
e-shop and resellers on August 16th.

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