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A L M A – Preview


The opposing body and soul. Soul – the spiritual part of us. Worth, courage, greatness, vitality.
This is the contemplation that gave life to Maria Dolores‘s latest collection. Mysterious and
sensitive, meaningful and bold, the collection brings natural beauty, organic lines and healing
stones, whose shapes come with less lapidation and more naturality. A cool combination of
colors and textures that express the whole feminine soul. This intense, unique and meaningful
collection has come to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary, by expressing all its DNA –
personality, daring, love, intensity, femininity, power and beauty. A collection that represents
meaning, reflection and balance between expressiveness and tenderness. A daring mix of
stones, designs, materials, and colors – all blended to express joy and meaning. The pieces are
a statement; their bold design combines the crafted and the industrial, the natural and cut
lapidation of healing stones. This new collection means to bring beauty and well-being to the
soul. The fusion is this collection’s highlight – a fusion of materials, stones, shapes, and designs
that, along with the electroplating process applied to the gems, come together in a harmonic

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