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    A L M A – Preview


    The opposing body and soul. Soul – the spiritual part of us. Worth, courage, greatness, vitality.
    This is the contemplation that gave life to Maria Dolores‘s latest collection. Mysterious and
    sensitive, meaningful and bold, the collection brings natural beauty, organic lines and healing
    stones, whose shapes come with less lapidation and more naturality. A cool combination of
    colors and textures that express the whole feminine soul. This intense, unique and meaningful
    collection has come to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary, by expressing all its DNA –
    personality, daring, love, intensity, femininity, power and beauty. A collection that represents
    meaning, reflection and balance between expressiveness and tenderness. A daring mix of
    stones, designs, materials, and colors – all blended to express joy and meaning. The pieces are
    a statement; their bold design combines the crafted and the industrial, the natural and cut
    lapidation of healing stones. This new collection means to bring beauty and well-being to the
    soul. The fusion is this collection’s highlight – a fusion of materials, stones, shapes, and designs
    that, along with the electroplating process applied to the gems, come together in a harmonic

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    Lolinha Paradise

    Maria Dolores surely knows how to turn design into fun and play, full of colors, beauty and innocence so typical of the girls’ universe.

    And so she did with Lolinha’s latest collection, whose inspiration came from her own daughter.

    Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and sunglasses remind us of summertime with a casual, playful and fun-loving vibe of the Flamingos, bright pink and natural stones.

    Lolinha Paradise brings mother and daughter together, synchronized with each other by Maria Dolores’s distinctive design.


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    Como é feita um bolsa Louis Vuitton?



    How is a Louis Vuitton bag made?

    The French artisan Jacques Royer showed the very interesting manufacturing process of the Petite Malle handbag, a Louis Vuitton it-bag.

    Mr. Royer, who has been working for the maison for 16 years, shared details of the process – a bag is made up of 120 pieces and produced by a single artisan, consuming 35 man-hours.

    Oh, and the gloss is not varnish coating! It is the outcome of a stone polishing process – in this case, the amethyst. 


  • Lançamento

    Flagship São Paulo

    Maria Dolores’s concept is now represented in all its essence in our new São Paulo’s Flagship store. To celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary, Maria Dolores offered an open house to clients and friends who could visit the new store and appreciate the amazing project by Studio Derive.

    If you got interested, come pay us a visit at 1648 Alameda Lorena Street, Jardim Paulista, São Paulo.

    Above, the architects Halina Martins Sanchez and Fernanda P. Guzzo Trevisan, and the franchisee, Luana Romo.

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    Tropical Samba – Maria Dolores + PatBO

    The designer Maria Dolores is renowned for the geometric lines and the unique shapes of
    her jewelry. For her latest “Tropical Samba” collection, she got inspired by a very tropical mood.
    Brazil’s tropic vibes and warm people are represented in pieces that come in organic
    shapes of metal, stones and wood.

    The Brazilian stones are natural and noble, and their colorful palette highlights all the country’s beauty and joy.

    The designers Maria Dolores and PatBo celebrate a third fashion collaboration on 30
    pieces of jewelry.
    Maria Dolores and PatBO, Patricia Bonaldi’s clothing brand,
    present their latest fashion collab “Tropical Samba”, which is their third collaboration so far,
    and had Brazil as the reference point for their jewelry creation process.
    Maria Dolores got inspired by Brazil’s tropic vibes and warm people, and created
    accessories in organic shapes of metal, stones and wood. The stones, whose palette
    represents all our country’s beauty and joy, are natural and colorful.
    Renowned for her geometric lines and unique shapes, Maria Dolores combined the
    strength of her design with the delicacy of PatBo’s ruffled pieces, in order to create 30
    accesories among cuffs, earrings, necklaces and rings.
    The latest collab “Tropical Samba”-Maria Dolores for PatBo will be available in all stores,
    e-shop and resellers on August 16th.

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    Quartzo Rosa


    Pink Quartz

    Light pink, baby pink, candy pink, millenial pink – you name it. what really matters is that one of our classics is a killer in pink quartz! The quartz crystal is a healing stone and, known as the ‘love stone’, helps dealing with emotions and relationships. Get yourself inspired!

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    The Saddle Bag is Back!


    The iconic Saddle Bag is back!

    From Paris Hilton to Carrie Bradshaw, throughout the 90’s, the iconic Dior saddle bag was seen everywhere, an absolute hit, that is now back in the fashion game. Designed by John Galliano for Dior’s summer fashion show of 2000, the handbag immediately became a must-have in the closet. The saddle bag came in tons of different colors, patterns, prints – the sky was the limit here, and the handbag was seriously considered an item of status. The maison’s creative director – Maria Grazia Chiuri – brought the classic back, and in their latest show, Dior presented the new saddle bag in two versions, black and patchwork. Will the classic become a trend?


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    Revenda Maria Dolores


    Have you ever thought about reselling cool and authentically designed jewelry? Join us and become a successful Maria Dolores reseller, having great audience and new clients attracted by our amazing accessories.

    This is a great job opportunity as well as a stable career, with the advantage of a flexible schedule. Besides, you are the representative of a brand that is popular – often seen on the media – a company that is financially healthy and very active, always lauching new products. Join our team and resell our jewelry – rings, earrings, necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, accesories – luxurious jewelry with sophisticated design, noble stones and high-end materials.

    Contact us>  +55 41 98445-0133 /

    or leave us a comment so we can contact you. Our team is looking forward to helping you!