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    Acquarella + Ônix

    Some pieces from the Acquarella Collection are back to stock renewed with a new stone: the classic onyx stone. These rings, earrings…

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    Resale Maria Dolores

    Have you thought about reselling beautiful accessories with exclusive design? Be a Maria Dolores reseller in 2018 and have our accessories in…

  • Lançamento


    The clear, geometric lines make known the arrival of a visionary beauty. Maria Dolores opens the fall / winter 2018 with a…

  • Lançamento

    Fashion Documentaries

    How about a list of incredible documentaries for those who loves fashion? Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards  This documentary…

  • Lançamento

    Pink and Red

    The ring and earring of the DOT collection are back! Now with pink quartz and red amazonite! Already in the stores Maria…

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    Blue and Pink

    Maxi gold plated earring or black rhodium with the striking presence of a pink agate framed by a blend of multicolored crystals…

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    Purple and Green

    Mix and Match! Mix of colors, stones and textures in the new collection Maria Dolores, Acquarella High Summer.

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    Acquarella – High Summer Launch

    This week, during the Acquarella  High Summer launch collection at Barigui Park Shopping, the watercolor artist Titiana de Bonn, granddaughter of the…