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Maria Dolores

I always loved to draw and be connected with this creations world. Since childhood I was involved with art. The jewelry design happened so naturally in my life that I think it´s because of that I´m so in love for what I do. I started to design jewerly for me, and then it was becoming a hit among my friends, until it came an invitation of a big jewerly store to develop some of their collections…. the passion for jewerly design was only increasing on that time. After four years working on the jewerly store I decided to go to Florence, in Italy, accomplish another dream, live in that city that breathes art and also make two specialization courses in design area. It was a very special moment for me.

When I came back to Brazil I felt my work more mature, so it was the right time to work by myself, to create a brand with my own name.

My pieces translate my work very well, my passion, my desire to show by them a young spirit, contemporaneous, joyful! I feel very lucky to do something that brings me so many achievements!
In this blog, you can check out some inspirations, trends and of course, many news of Maria Dolores Design brand.