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    A nova coleção da Maria Dolores chega com cores e formas irresistíveis!

    Acquarella empresta a luz de pedras nobres e translúcidas para refletir o brilho do verão. O degradê das pedras anuncia um frescor despojado nas peças ricas em detalhes.

    É a energia do verão que ganhou formas e texturas únicas e surpreendentes!
    Já nas lojas Maria Dolores e no e-shop.




    Captura de Tela 2017-10-16 às 20.14.13

    Captura de Tela 2017-10-16 às 20.11.56

    Captura de Tela 2017-10-16 às 20.16.29

    Captura de Tela 2017-10-16 às 20.20.46

    Captura de Tela 2017-10-16 às 20.19.53

    Captura de Tela 2017-10-16 às 20.18.23

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    Dolce & Gabbana – Spring 2018

    How about Dolce & Gabbana accessories during Milan Fashion Week?
    Surreal, relaxed and good mood, the mix of Domenico and Stefano had stones, fruits, vegetables, sicilian prints, flowers, baroque… All of that in clothes and accessories.
    Glasses, maxi earrings, headpieces, rings, bracelets, ornaments on shoes: nothing basic. We love, of course! Come with us and take a peek on the accessories of this show.

    dolce-Gabbanna-Milan-2018Dolce-Gabbanna-MilanCaptura de Tela 2017-09-25 às 20.40.53 Captura de Tela 2017-09-25 às 20.37.47

    Captura de Tela 2017-09-25 às 20.44.25 Captura de Tela 2017-09-25 às 20.45.46

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    Gaultier on the walls!

    Have you ever imagined having a picture of Jean Paul Gaultier on your house´s wall?

    Inspired by prints from his collections, the French man launched a wallpapers line in partnership with Leliévre brand. And it is not just fabric-inspired! It even has the stylist tattoos. Cool!

    Gaultier-Papel-1 Jean Paul Gaultier-2 Jean Paul Gaultier-papel-parede-3 Captura de Tela 2017-09-04 às 14.35.01

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    Fashion and art. The painting and the design. Fabric and jewelry. Two universes embedded in one collection. Fusión is a reference to the Spanish artist Joan Miró. A daring rereading done by the Brazilian designer Maria Dolores.

    Expressive lines, shapes loaded with attitude and protagonists colors influenced the designer, who identified with the painter audacious style. Between fashion and art there are no limits. Discover how they merge freely in the new MARIA DOLORES collection.

    All the new collection pieces are already in our stores and also on the e-Shop.

    Captura de Tela 2017-08-15 às 11.33.58Maria-Dolores-Fusion-AzulMaria-Dolores-Verde-Acessorios-LuxoCaptura de Tela 2017-08-15 às 11.52.53Maria-Dolores-Brinco-OuroMaria-Dolores-Anel-BrincoMaria-Dolores-Brinco-Rodio_negroMaria-Dolores-Rodio-Negro-Fusion

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    JOAN MIRÓ Foundation

    Located in Barcelona, in the Montjuïc park, the Joan Miró Foundation was created in 1975 by Miró himself and his friend Joan Prats. This is the first museum of contemporary art in Barcelona and today it is one of the main museums in Spain.


    The duo´s goal to inaugurate this foundation was to have a center dedicated to the study and experimentation of contemporary art. To begin the collection, Miró donated his works from his first great exhibition, which took place in Barcelona in 1968. Joan Prats also donated many Miró works, which he owned. And later, other artists also offered works of their collections to the Miro Foundation.

    Today the foundation has about three hundred paintings, over a hundred sculptures, ten fabric works and about eight thousand drawings of Joan Miró in its collection! All of that is divided into eight distinct environments in which it is possible to know and appreciate the style of the artist, going through all the stages of his career. Besides the fixed collection, it still has films and videos projection, shows, conferences and an extensive library on contemporary art.

    On September 5, Maria Dolores will be at the Miró Foundation to present the Fusion collection for the press and guests of Maria Dolores Spain!

    imageimage (1)
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    Inspiration: Miró

    Afternoon coffee with Miró!
    The main inspiration of the new Maria Dolores collection is Joan Miró work!
    Are you curious? So nothing better than to know more about this surrealist artist to stir up curiosity … what will Maria Dolores launch?


    Spanish Miró, one of the abstract surrealism leaders, settled in Paris in 1920 and got in touch with artists (among them Picasso) and influencers, where he managed to put some paintings in private collections – but with no success in sales.

    After the euphoria of arriving in Paris, Miró began to observe the Parisian artistic medium with a more critical and detailed vision. Great historians qualify the years that Miró spent in Paris, in Rue Blomet, in the spanish sculptor Pablo Gargalho rental atelier, as a spectacular phase of his career.


    And it was in Paris that for nine months, eight hours a day, Miró painted “La Granja“, one of his most famous works and full of interpretations. This work was acquired by nothing less than Ernest Hemingway, who bought it because he saw in it the Catalan landscape and mentality. Hemingway used all of his savings to acquire the work, and later offered the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

    Want to know more? Click here and read the first part of Miro’s story.

    SAO PAULO / 28/04/2015 / CADERNO 2 / Imagens da Fundação Mas Miró, em Mont-Roig del Camp, na Espanha. Crédito: ©Fundació Mas Miró. FMM_LateralMasoveria+LaMasia. FOTO: David Jiménez Guillemat.

    Crédito da imagem: ©Fundació Mas Miró. FMM_LateralMasoveria+LaMasia. FOTO: David Jiménez Guillemat.

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    The surreal Miró

    Today the #tbt – Throwback Thursday – is to remember Maria Dolores visit to the Miró Foundation in Barcelona.


    Joan Miró was a spanish painter, sculptor, engraver and ceramist. The creator of shapes, colorful, imaginary figures, began his career painting expressionist paintings with cubist influences.

    When in Paris in 1921, he met Picasso and Tristan Tzaia, and his painting evolved towards a greater definition of form, eliminating the strong contrast of light.

    Some years later, in 1924, Miró’s painting was influenced by the Paris surrealist movement: from that time on, the screen “The Harlequin Carnival” (1924-25).


    In the 1930s, Joan’s artistic horizons widened and the surreal Miró became world famous. Miró was one of the most radical surrealist artists – the founder of surrealism, André Breton, said he was “the most surreal of us all.” Impossible to disagree!